Orgasm Denial – Part 2

The one nice thing about living in the dorm rooms is that the posts for the bed are great to be tied up to. It’s perfect because it’s obviously going to be strong enough to hold whatever you do to it and also because the single bed makes it the perfect size for a tiny person like me.

My Sir tied me up and said we were going to play with the anal beads. He’s never used the anal beads on me, I’d only used them on myself, so this was going to be quite new. I was on my back and he pushed my legs up into the air so that I was completely exposed to him. He put the blindfold on me so that I couldn’t see. Somehow, we’d never gotten around to making me wear the blindfold, so that was new as well.

The anal beads start out quite small, so it was easy to get it halfway in with the minimal amount of lube. He pushed each bead in while playing with my clit and would pull the additional beads in and out before adding a bigger one. I came very close to coming and he denied me, pulling his hand away. The second time, my legs were shaking too much to hold them in the air. I rested on foot on his leg (I have no idea how he was sitting, since I was blindfolded the entire time) and the other I put up against the top bunk for support. He continued pushing me towards the edge and not letting me come. My legs started to give out again, so I put them on the support bar below the top bunk so that legs were supported in the air and my knees were about even with my boobs.

It was taking much less time to get me close to coming now. As the anal beads kept getting bigger and fucking me with them felt even better, my Sir would smack my inner thighs to make sure I didn’t come when I was close. In reality, I liked the smacks. They weren’t hard enough to be truly punishing, but they stung enough to turn me on.

During our play, the blindfold was playing tricks on me. After one near-orgasm, he slapped both thighs hard. There was a warm tingle afterward, and I thought that he had left his hands on my thighs. Then I realized that the anal beads were still moving and that he was still playing with my clit. I honestly thought he had four hands for a second.

If it isn’t clear, I was very turned on. My mind was just completely overloaded between the bondage, the anal beads, and how my Sir kept pushing me so close to orgasm. I wanted to come so bad. A few times he asked me, “Do you want to come?” and I answered yes just to hear him say, “Too bad, you have to wait until Friday.” I think he asked just for the pleasure of denying me.

Eventually, the largest bead of the string was in. It wasn’t all that big and I probably could have gotten it in comfortably without so much preparation, but my Sir is always very careful not to hurt me there. I felt very safe, even though I was blindfolded and tied up, because I knew that the second something started hurting he would stop and make things alright.

Once he was sure that I was comfortable with all of the beads, he asked if I wanted the butt plug. I said, “I don’t know,” because really, it isn’t my job to know what I want. He guessed correctly and got the butt plug out. The biggest part of it is actually wider than his penis (and I can’t wrap my fingers around the widest part of his penis) so he was very slow in easing it in to me. We hadn’t done any anal play in so long that I forgot how good it felt to be stretched out and played with. He slowly fucked me with the butt plug until my legs just couldn’t stay up anymore. I was so done at that moment that I was ready to tell him we needed to stop completely, I was so tired. However, once I got my legs down and he continued playing with me I felt a little better and like I was ready for his cock.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that my Sir has a large penis. Not obscenely, porn-star huge, but considering how small a person I am, it’s pretty big. He can hit my cervix no problem during sex and for anal, nothing but fisting (which I am not yet ready to try) could prepare me for both the length and the girth of his cock.

Once I was on my stomach and untied, my Sir slowly began fucking my ass. I was told to touch myself, and so I did. It became really hard not to come. I was panting and swearing after each near-miss. The first time I’d said “Oh, fuck” my Sir had stopped and been ready to punish me before I explained that it had been the lack of orgasm causing me to swear, not an orgasm. I was so turned on that when my Sir started going faster and really pounding my ass, I had to ask him to stop so that I didn’t come just from that. The closest call was when my Sir was coming. I asked him to stop so that I wouldn’t come, but he just kept pounding into me. Luckily, he came before I could. I would have really hated disappointing my Sir.

After all the incredibly sexy play, I experienced a bit of sub drop. This was actually the most intense thing we’ve ever done together, BDSM-wise, and I’d edged without coming at least fifteen times. The biggest downside to the dorms is the fact that I have to go to another floor and then fart lube and come in a public restroom. Then, since it was late, I decided to brush my teeth when I was down there and grab my pajamas. I sleep in my boyfriend’s room since he doesn’t have a roommate, but I’m still living on the floor below him and it sucks. I felt like crying by the time I got back to his room. I questioned why I thought I was into kinky shit and I had to ask my Sir if I had done something wrong because he hadn’t said, “Good girl,” when everything was through. He freaked out and said that he’d called me a good girl during the scene and he thought that’d been enough then told me I was a very good girl and that he loved me very much and said he will be much better about it in the future. He cuddled me and gave me as many kisses as possible as my cramps started coming back. He even offered to sleep with me in the same bed (which is an incredibly stupid offer when the bed in question is a twin dorm bed on the top bunk) but I was so incredibly exhausted that I kicked him out to finally sleep.




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