Good Vibrations

I’m talking about vibrators. Well, one vibrator. This guy. (I say guy because I got the blue one… and also because it’s vaguely penis-shaped.) This was my first vibrator that I purchased with Christmas money an 80-year-old woman gave me. (She thinks I bought books with it.) I didn’t really have high expectations for it because I didn’t think that vibrators could be that good overall. I was wrong. Very wrong.

My Sir has used it on me before, so he knew what he was doing. Last night we decided to get it on after a sexless weekend. He tied my arms up and put the blindfold on me again (I think he really enjoys blindfolding me). After first he was just using his hands to toy with me, but then he got the vibrator out. He teased me to orgasm three times with it, all while closely examining my downstairs area and making me feel like a dirty whore.

Right before he finally let me come, he was stretching me out with his fingers. He had four fingers inside me going in opposite directions to stretch out my hole as far as it could go. I loved the feeling. It wasn’t just that pleasant stretching feeling that sits right on the edge of being painful, but I also liked hearing how he could see deep into my cunt and just feeling like an incredible wanton slut. I came with the vibrator on my clit and inside me, his fingers also inside me and stretching me out, and another finger toying with my ass. Again, I was blindfolded, so I don’t know if he grew extra fingers to accomplish all this, but I had a very nice orgasm. My Sir came by pushing my knees up near my head and pounding into my incredibly sensitive g-spot.

I think that I’m also growing more fond of using the blindfold. It lets me focus more on what is being done to me. I enjoy being tied up more too now. I realize that when I’m tied up, I can’t do anything. I’m just there for him to use. I like knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything because he’s in control. It takes away a lot of the stress that can be associated with sex, in my opinion.


3 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. I love this post. I love how it’s written in such a direct, un-frivolous way, especially this sentence, which is the best sentence I’ve read all year. “This guy. (I say guy because I got the blue one… and also because it’s vaguely penis-shaped.)” If I could double or triple like this post, I’d do it. Kudos 🙂

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