I was in a bad mood all day. I’m preparing to possibly be separated from my Sir all summer after finals and I have lots of assignments and exams to do in the following week (and a class I honestly don’t know if I can pass or not) so I am reaching peak stress levels.

My Sir got back from his class today and a little bit after he had returned I went over and slid down his pants without warning, then his underwear. I took off his shirt and then bent down and lifted each foot to take off his shoes and socks and slid the remainder of his pants and boxers off. I took my clothes off and tried to walk over to the bed, but he grabbed me from behind and wouldn’t let me move. He kissed me and started playing with my clit until he was satisfied that I was turned on enough to go get in bed.

I almost immediately suggested being tied up. I love being tied up. I don’t have to worry about what to do or what he wants, I just have to exist and let my Sir decide what to do with me. This time, he tied my legs to the top bunk so that my legs were stuck suspended in the air. He also put the blindfold on me and decided to use the anal beads while he played with my clit. He put the nipple clamps on me and they pinched just enough so that they hurt, but not too much so that he had to take them off right away.

In the middle of playing with me he entered me and just started fucking me while I was still tied up and unable to move. Because he had brought me so close by playing with the anal beads and stroking my clit I thought I would come just from that, but he stopped and said he wasn’t done playing with me yet.

My favorite part about when we play like this, besides the lack of control, is when he spreads me open and looks deep into my cunt. I feel so dirty when he does it, not to mention my desire to be stretched open for him. It’s so sexy to just be tied down and blindfolded while my Sir has his face down by my cunt, spreading me open like a wanton slut.

He made me come by playing with the anal beads while using my vibrator on me. Then he put my legs on his shoulders and fucked me until he came. The one thing I don’t like about the blindfold is that I can’t see my Sir when he comes. That’s one of my favorite parts of having sex!

Needless to say, I felt better after that. I’m still super stressed about my tests, but tomorrow is the test I’m really worried about and the only day I work, so at the end of the day I’m going to need my Sir to give me a serious fucking. Hopefully he’ll have the stamina to get me through finals week.


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