I Fucked My Sir Today

Twice, actually.

The first time, I got back from class when he was still asleep and climbed into his bed to cuddle. When he started spooning, he just pulled down my pants and entered me and fucked me up until he was close to being late to class. Orgasms: Him 1, Me 1.

After lunch, I got bored/horny. You know, when you have nothing better to do than to touch yourself? So I masturbated. Orgasms: Him 1, Me 2.

I asked my Sir to come over and cuddle then, and he did. For some reason, I don’t remember why, I put the blindfold on him as a joke. Then I tied one of his hands up. He didn’t say anything or resist, so I tied him up while he was on his stomach then made him get on his knees so that I could tie his legs in place too. I fucked him with his toy and considered stopping and making him edge a few times before coming, but I was pretty sure he could free himself if he wanted and I didn’t want him escaping and punishing me for being cruel. When he came it seriously turned me on. He’s just so sexy when he’s on his knees like that, thrusting back on his toy and panting as he comes. Orgasms: Him 2, Me 2.

After that he slept on my boobs while I masturbated once more, this time with my vibrator. The final score came out to be:  Him 2, Me 3. Not that it actually matters :p

I didn’t really enjoy tying him up, but at least I didn’t freak out over it this time. I mean, it was fun in a silly way, but I only got off on making him come and making him feel good, not having him give up control. Besides, when I’m fucking him with his toy like that he’s usually in that position anyways and too blind without his glasses to see, so it wasn’t that different than normal. Afterwards, he said “Good girl” like he’d told me to do it all along.

This gif pretty much sums up how I felt about that:

4All in all, it was a good day. I wasn’t able to 69 with my Sir like I had originally wanted, but I suppose we’ll just have to find time for it over the weekend.


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