Control Me


In the time I’ve been MIA, a lot has happened. Today, I’d like to talk about one thing in particular, and that thing is being controlled during sex. Physically controlled, through choking or hair-pulling.

See, I always thought I’d hate being choked. I have asthma, so I hate it when my breathing is restricted in any way. My Sir wanted to try it, but I told him to take it really easy so I didn’t freak out. It started when we were spooning, and he’d reach up and grab my chin. I liked that a lot, because I love the feeling of being controlled. It was really the only position where he could grab me, it was weird if we did it in doggy style, so we didn’t do it very often.

However, my Sir became insistent. He really wanted to try choking me, so I agreed. We decided to try it while my legs were up on his shoulders, because my legs would help him keep his weight off of me. He just used one hand at first, and I immediately loved it. I don’t know if it counts as choking me really, because I can still breathe. Sometimes I’ll get a little short of breath, but that’s just because he’ll be pounding into me.

Mostly it feels like not only is he controlling me, but he’s making my head all fuzzy from disrupting the blood flow. He makes sure not to do it for too long after he left bruises. They weren’t bad, it just looked like a faint red line on my neck that could have been from anything. Not like big black and blue hand prints or anything.

My favorite thing is coming with his hands around my neck. My new favorite position to come in is with one leg up on his shoulder and the other one out, because he’s still slamming into my g-spot while I have access to touch my clit. He can also choke me in that position, so it’s an extra bonus.

I just adore being controlled. I want my Sir to call me a little slut and order me around like a real Dominant, but we’re still working up to that. To be fair, I’m a pretty bad sub for the most part. I need to get him to read more erotica so that he can get new  ideas. I know he has the mindset for it, he’s just not used to ordering people around.

A while ago, he told me to pretend to actually fight him off like I didn’t want to have sex. I did, and it was okay for me, but he really liked it. He loved forcing himself on me. He likes choking me too; the first time he did it he came almost immediately after putting his hands around my throat.

He also loves pulling my hair, which is fine by me. I actually recently cut my hair, and I’m sad that he can’t get a better grip on it. It’s not just being under his control, but I also like the pain of when he pulls it (assuming it’s my scalp hurting and not my neck). Possibly because I’m just a dirty whore, but who can go through life with boring vanilla sex? I get frustrated when we have normal sex too often. How can someone not have the urge to be spanked? It’s mind-boggling.


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