Why I’m a Sub


I’m a bad girl. I am, I admit it. I disobey on purpose, most of the time out of laziness. No I don’t feel like being on top, no I don’t feel like sucking your dick right now. No, I’m not going to deep throat you now, your penis is huge. And no, I don’t want you pinching my nipples, they’re sensitive because I’m about to be on my period.

These are all things I do, yet I know I’m still a sub. I need to be controlled. I want my Sir to tell me to kneel for him while he circles me, just waiting for me to move so that he can punish me. I want to be spanked then held then fucked senseless. I want him to deny me so many times that when I finally orgasm I scream with pleasure. I want him to slam me down on the bed and pull my hair back to fuck me till he comes, then tell me I’m a dirty little slut to like being used.

There are lots of reasons that I know I’m a sub. One of my biggest fantasies has always been being tied down so that I couldn’t move while a man did whatever he wanted with me. I want to be forced to kneel at his feet and suck his dick then be thrown on the bed while he fucks me senseless. I want him to torture me with orgasms and choke me until I bruise. I want to be spanked until I’m crying and have ginger shoved up my ass as punishment. I want to be peed on and called a dirty whore. I want to be rewarded for obeying, and punished for being bad.

There are other things, like the desire to control a guy and do nasty things to him, but those urges aren’t as strong, and I wouldn’t want to do them to my Sir, because he certainly wouldn’t enjoy them. Even if I’m a bit of a switch, I would say I’m primarily a sub. I like to control so much in my real life that it’s nice letting go completely during sex. It’s the one time I can really relax.


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