The Riding Crop

It’s been so long, I know. Life just happens. I’ve been having amazing sex this whole time, I just haven’t had time to share about it.

The latest toy my Sir and I added to our collection was a riding crop. I ordered it online, not thinking how suspicious it would be to receive a big long package from HorseEnthusiasticInternational (or whatever it was) at our apartment, and I can only thank the mailman for not leaving a slip and forcing us to pick it up at the post office. I’m sure there was more than a passing question of whether or not it was a three foot long horse dildo.

Anyways, the riding crop is pretty standard, nothing flashy, and to use it, my Sir decided to tie me down first. We got under-the-bed restraints (may have a more proper name, so sue me, it’s 4:30 AM) and he tied me up spread-eagle on the bed, face down. He was hesitant to hit too hard at first, leaving the tiniest of stings on my ass. I loved the little hits, especially because they could go on forever and my butt would never get too sore. However, he soon got tired of that. He wanted to hear me moan, to see me squirm against the sheets.

He hit me hard, over and over, all across my butt. He praised the nice red shade of my butt, and didn’t stop until I was just at the edge of crying. Still tied up, he entered me and came almost instantly.

I love that I can do that to my Sir, to make him lose control just by giving myself to him. To say the least, we both very much enjoyed the riding crop, and we’ve used it many times. My Sir can’t really use it as a punishment… but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop myself from being a bad girl so that I can feel my ass sting 🙂


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