I am currently a 20-year-old college student. You can call me b. I’ve been dating my Sir for over a year and our relationship started with sex. We both love each other very much, but sex is a big part of our relationship. Why? Because we both like sex. We’re both very good at it. In getting to know each other, we’ve learned that we’re both kinky motherfuckers. He likes being in control and I like being spanked. It all works out.

I am starting this blog to document the BDSM aspects of our relationship. I haven’t found as many resources as I would like on how to start a kink-filled relationship when you’re new to kink and sex in general, so I’m making my own. For the purists out there, I’m sorry to say that I will not be capitalizing everything to do with my Sir and I will not be making my I’s lowercase because it physically pains me to see such grammatical nonsense.

My Sir and I are not in a 24/7 kink relationship. It’s only bedroom play. Since we’re currently in college we don’t have as much money or privacy to go towards our kinky sex as we would like (I’m salivating over the thought of a sound-proof room designated for sex, with a leather sex bench and dildos all lined up in a row), so my posts may reflect that. Nevertheless, I hope someone is educated or shamelessly aroused by what I have to share.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading more of you . As for your last line in your profile – “Nevertheless, I hope someone is educated or shamelessly aroused by what I have to share.” , You have found one big fan in you

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