Orgasm Denial – Part 1

Today has been an exercise in patience. Well, it started yesterday. I recently had an IUD inserted and I’m currently going through the first period with it in. There has been a lot of cramping (my period has never given me cramps before) and I discovered that it got worse after sex and running. My Sir and I decided that we wouldn’t have sex until the end of the week to make sure that we didn’t put any extra stress on the downstairs area. It was then decided that I wasn’t allowed to come until we had sex and my Sir allowed me to. No such restrictions were placed on my Sir.

Last night, he crawled into my bed and played with my nipples until I was panting and thrusting the air. He discovered that if he licked the valley between my breasts, I get very turned on. This turned into licking all over my chest. I would have liked to allow him to come from fucking my boobs, but by that time it was 2 am and we both had 8 am classes in the morning. I calmed myself down and went to sleep.

After either being in class or suffering from cramps for most of the day, I finally felt better after dinner. My Sir asked if I would like to cuddle. Just to cuddle, he said. I had already taken my bra off and he asked if I would like to take my shirt off so he could kiss and lick my nipples. I said yes and took my shirt off, but not all the way. I kept it around my arms with my arms over my head, almost like I was tied up. My Sir could have actually tied me up, but I kept my arms above my head. Besides, we were just cuddling, right?

If cuddling includes running your tongue all over someone, then he cuddled the fuck out of my boobs. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the IUD, but my nipples were sore for a few days and now they’re super sensitive. I honestly thought that I could have come just from having him touch my nipples and from thrusting at the air. What I really wanted was a huge dildo to just sit inside me to stretch me and make me feel full. Unfortunately, huge dildos are not yet a part of our sex toy collection. Another time.

He then let me suck his dick. I was still laying down, so he was thrusting into my mouth. When I opened my mouth to gasp for air he rubbed his cock all over my face and said, “You’re my little cock-hungry bitch.” He knows about this blog and so I think what happened is that he read the last post about dirty talk and just watched porn for a few hours to take notes. I shall be searching the bed for hidden note cards with filthy one-liners when I am finished writing this.

I didn’t think I could make him come like that, so he went and took a shower and left me with instructions not to masturbate. When he came back he let me comb his hair. This doesn’t seem like a terribly dominating thing to do, I’m sure, but his hair is really long and I just like combing it. My Sir is always good to me.

We got in bed and fooled around with more nipple play and then he got on his hands and knees so that I could give him another rim job, since we both liked the last one so much. He then had me put his toy inside him and I was moving that around while giving him a hand job. He was being an absolute sexy bastard. I was just fucking him with the toy (he told me later that he usually didn’t move it that fast and that it felt really good) and he was thrusting back at me and his dick was as hard as a rock. By his standards, he basically had a screaming orgasm (in reality, it was just very heavy panting).

He stood up afterward and he had the same look on his face that I get after he fucks me silly. It’s the first time I’ve seen in him a post-orgasmic daze. I was so happy that I got to make my Sir feel like that.

We actually cuddled then, and I thought he would be too tired to do anything but nap. I tried calming myself down a little and not thinking about the incredibly sexy orgasm I’d just given my Sir. We began talking of dirty things and he got hard again, because he’s just a fucking animal. He got out the blind fold, the anal beads, and said he was going to tie me up.

I don’t want to be a tease, but writing this has exhausted me. After all this, the serious play started, and so I’ll get around to posting that as part 2.


(Don’t) Talk Dirty To Me

Dirty talk is awesome, right? It makes me wet to hear my Sir say things like “I’m going to fuck your brains out, slut.” The only problem with this is… well, there’s a few problems. Let me explain.

Porn gives us a very unrealistic idea of a lot of things, including talking dirty talk. “Do you want to fuck my pussy? Huh? Do you want to fuck this pussy?” is never something that will come out of my mouth. First of all, I hate the word pussy. I prefer cunt but I honestly usually say vagina. Substituted in, that reads, “Do you want to fuck my vagina? Huh? Do you want to fuck this vagina?” which personally is hilarious to me. Clearly, not something to say in the middle of sex. We’d both start giggling like idiots. I also say penis instead of cock or dick most of the time for reasons unknown to me. So, “Stick your hard penis in my wet vagina,” sounds even more ridiculous. It’s like I’m writing a bad health book.

Next you have to take into account that porn stars are given lines to read. They aren’t thinking of dirty things to say while pounding into someone’s ass. That “I’m going to pound this tight little ass until you scream,” was scripted in most of the time. If not, it was likely fed by the director or captured and edited after he stuttered it the first time he said it. While I wish that my Sir swore like a sailor and made me weak in the knees with his filthy mouth, it isn’t going to happen any time soon.

As a girl, it’s hard to think of anything to say other than “Oh, god, fuck, fuck me, oh god,” and the like while my face is in the pillow and I’m being pounded by a huge dick (and I tend not to say that even unless I can’t think straight because I usually try not to moan so the entire floor can hear it). Anything else goes beyond my range of creativity, and I consider myself a writer. My Sir is a very uncreative individual, so he’s even worse. I can basically hear him trying to think of something to say while he’s holding my leg in the air and fucking me. He’ll stutter, trail off, and say things that just don’t make sense. I appreciate the effort, but it just makes me smile most of the time rather than help get me off.

Maybe part of this comes from the fact that I went to Catholic school for 13 years (I shit you not) and my Sir doesn’t swear very often outside of the bedroom. I think the first time he swore was a few months into our relationship when he was supposed to catch a bus back to school, the bus was full, and then the second bus they put him on never came so he had to miss Monday classes. He said fuck once then was pretty much over it. He’s just an overall chill guy. While I do swear a lot (and am not an overall chill person at all), I guess I just don’t have the knack for putting together rational sentences while enjoying a good fuck.

Mind, we’re both 20 years old and for both of us this is our first serious relationship. I’m sure if he was 40 years old and had been practicing BDSM for 20 years that he would have a very good idea of what to say to make me go wet. For now, I’ll happily settle for being called a slut and a dirty whore and trying not to giggle when he says something completely off the wall. I myself have to work on saying “Yes Sir, Thank you Sir, Please Sir,” and other such things because apparently I sound sarcastic when I say them. I got an entirely unfounded spank the first time he made me beg for his cock. I just have never, ever called someone sir other than when I was being sarcastic. I’m actually hoping that blogging all about my Sir will help me some. We’ll see.


Adventures in Anilingus

Anilingus: an oral and anal sex act where one person stimulates the anus of another person by the use of their mouth, including lips, tongue or teeth.

I’m coming on strong for this first post, aren’t I? Honestly, this was what prompted me to start this blog. I was so incredibly turned on by giving my Sir a rim job that I think I enjoyed it more than he did (and I have it on good authority that he liked it quite a lot). Now, for those of you who would never think of licking another person’s ass, move right along. I already know that I’m a depraved animal. For anyone still interested in the semantics of such a thing, read on.

This whole experience started off with me suggesting I tie my Sir up and then just do dirty things to him. I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. My Sir takes a very long time to come, and he usually gets impatient during a blowjob and just ends up fucking me. My plan was to have him tied up while I used his toy on him and give him a blowjob until he came. I figured that since we had the restraints anyways that they would keep him from tossing me onto my back and having his way with me.

The only problem is that I’m quite nervous around his bum. It’s a lovely bum, it really is, but I don’t know what to do with it. Penises are so easy to work, you just go up and down and that’s that. I irrationally over-think fingering him in my mind. My goal in life is to make him come by fingering his prostate (which I don’t think my fingers are long enough for, but whatever) but whenever I suggest fingering and he says “Sure, why not?” I get all nervous and giggly. There just needs to be clearly printed instructions on his thighs labeled “How to Finger My Bum in 8 Simple Steps.”

So anyways, I finished tying the restraints to the bed and was about to chicken out when my Sir said “Either tie me up or I’ll tie you down and fuck your ass.” I’m only up for anal once in a blue moon, so this prompted me to secure him so that he wouldn’t follow through with that. Then I went down, got nervous, kissed his penis, and told him I didn’t want to have sex anymore and that we could just nap. He untied himself (jerk, pretending like he couldn’t before) and hugged me and apologized for threatening me with anal. He thought that I really wanted to tie him up and just needed the motivation. I admit it was a little sexy seeing him tied up, but I didn’t like being in control. Also, he got nothing from being tied up. I only like doing things to him that he likes.

After I finished yelling at him for letting me tie him up in the first place, I asked if I could give him a rim job. For those of you worried about the health concerns involved with licking something someone shits out of, he had just showered right before this all started. It was basically sparkling. Still, I had never done any butt licking before, so after he got on his hands and knees I got out the flavored lube and put a little on his hole.

I was very tentative at first. Obviously when licking someone’s butt you’re afraid that it’s going to literally taste like shit. However, it just tasted like the lube and after I’d licked that off it was spit and hair. (Yes, my Sir has an incredibly hairy ass and I don’t care. Still lovely.) I was just licking the outside at first when my tongue just slipped in since he was so relaxed. If you can imagine sticking your tongue in someone’s ass, that’s how it feels to stick your tongue in someone’s ass.

I reached around and started giving him a hand job to accompany the rim job and he was just incredibly hard and his cock was twitching. I stopped to finger him a little when my tongue got tired and sped up on the hand job a bit. He suggested that I put his toy in and then he could fuck me so I started using my tongue again, pushing it even deeper and trying my best to lick around the ring of muscles. He began backing up to meet my tongue. I could feel myself getting wet and licked even more enthusiastically. You have to understand, my Sir doesn’t usually make any indication of when he’s turned on. His dick will get hard and that’s how I know, so this was really hot. I heard him panting into the pillow and reached around to catch his come with my hand so that it didn’t get all over his freshly cleaned sheets. After I wiped it off on a paper towel, he said maybe I could wipe it all over myself next time. Ha. Fat chance. You try walking back to your dorm room with come covering your chest.

The plan then was to just cuddle and go to sleep. The problem I have, though, is that I twitch a lot when I’m turned on and also my Sir likes absentmindedly touching my boobs. As he was doing so, I was humping the air because I was still turned on. When things like this happen, my Sir is always like “b, do you want to come?” and I wimp out with some lame “maybe” or “I don’t have to.”  I did say maybe and he came back at me with “It’s a yes or no question. Do you want me to make you come?” and my sub instincts made my girly parts all nice and tingly. I said yes, obviously.

I was riding the crimson tide, so oral was out of the question. He was playing with my clit, telling me about how he could wait until we lived together so that he could bend me over the kitchen table without warning and fuck me hard, when I noticed that he was getting hard again. I barely reached for him and he moved so that he could enter me. It’s just so much nicer to come with a cock inside you, right?

I had the most amazing orgasm in the “sporking” position. I put quotes because I don’t know the name of the actual position but we needed to call it something. It starts off with spooning, and while I’m still on my side he gets on top of me like he was in missionary style. My one leg goes between his legs and the other is in the air on top of his arm on that side. He thrusts directly into my g-spot and I can normally come very easily by touching my clit with the arm on the bottom and hanging onto the bed for dear life with the arm on top.

He was still hard and willing to fuck so he had me go on my back and pushed my knees practically to my ears. Again, he was basically just pounding into my g-spot. I was moaning too loud for the fact that we’re living in dorm rooms and I ended up asking him to stop because my g-spot was just way too sensitive. We were going to go back to the cuddle plan and just spoon up to each other when he decided it was a good idea to start running his hand up and down my naked body. I was exhausted but I still started twitching because of it. It probably has something to do with being a dirty whore because that’s what he called me before entering me again. It actually felt quite incredible, and he said, “You’re a dirty slut, aren’t you? Can’t stop twitching until you’re filled with my cock.” which obviously didn’t make me less aroused. Then he pulled my hair and fucked me hard enough that I couldn’t think straight. In the end, he didn’t come again, and I declined the opportunity to come again myself.

All in all, it was a good night. I can’t believe I enjoyed giving him a rim job as much as I did. It’s definitely on my top turn-on’s list now. I just can’t wait to bury my face in his ass again.